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Comparison of Drive-In and Drive-Through Racking Systems

When setting up your warehouse racking system, it can be challenging to figure out what type of racking and shelving works best for your application. However, drive-in or drive-through pallet racking is the best system that provides the topmost efficiency for high-density storage. Your concern in choosing the best racking and shelving ends here as we explore more about these two components as well as their benefits in using different storage facilities. Drive-in or drive-through pallet racking often seems similar in style but differs in how pallets are loaded and unloaded.

Components of the System

These two components are primarily built with uprights and rail beams, whereas the uprights provide vertical support, on the other hand, the rail beams are mainly used for pallet storage that loads extremely dense products. As a result, this system is typically used to store products either back-to-back or floor-to-ceiling. Thus, it means that you can store seven times more products on average compared to a regular pallet rack system. Furthermore, these two systems can be connected to a standard pallet rack with a customized design.

Difference Between Drive-in Vs. Drive-Through

The main difference between these two systems lies in the way that pallets are stocked and picked. Considering the drive-in system, the forklift is essential to load and unload pallets on one side of the racks. Therefore, it is referred to as “drive-in” since the truck drives into the system using only one side. Moreover, drive-in pallet racking is perfect for a last in, first out (LIFO) system as well as for goods that do not want to be moved at a fast rate.

On the other hand, drive-through pallet-racking usually includes the use of a forklift to load pallets through one side and unload them on the other side. As a result, the truck deploys rails to load and unload goods after driving into the racks themselves. Hence, drive-through pallet racking is more beneficial for first-in, last-out (FILO) systems as it quickly moves the products.

Benefits of Drive-in and Drive-Through Pallet Racking

In warehouse racking, both of these systems possess significant advantages as they promote high-density storage applications. Whether you have a large inventory that facilitates similar SKUs, these types of racking and shelving systems are the right choice. Moreover, they are easy to install and avoid the need for any overhead attachments when installed in a standard warehouse. Nevertheless, when these systems are supported by overhead attachments, they are instrumental for use in a freezer. Furthermore, these systems are highly efficient as they improve the productivity of warehouses while reducing the time consumption of stocking and picking.

Here at Stofix, we provide comprehensive services for shelving & racking installation in warehouse settings. We promote a holistic approach to choosing the best racking system by considering your unique needs to ensure a suitable solution. But no matter which option you choose, we will help you get the most out of your system. Contact us today through phone, E-mail, or WhatsApp. 

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