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Fit-out Services

At Stofixts, we specialize in offering comprehensive fit-out solutions to meet diverse needs for commercial buildings. Our skilled professionals have an extensive experience in commercial fit-out service and are committed to delivering top-quality services to our clients. Let us explore more on our fit-out services.

Personalised end-to-end fit-out services aligning with your business requirements

Revitalise your space to spark innovation and efficiency. Our fit-out services blend aesthetics and functionality, crafting an environment that’s both visually striking and practical.

Warehouse Storage Solution


At Stofixts, we’re promised to deliver the highest quality partition solution to meet our client’s business needs. Whether you need drywall or glass work, aluminium, and glass, or block work, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the optimum result for our customers.


We are experts in glass and drywall construction. For ease of installation, drywall partition systems are frequently employed in residential as well as commercial buildings. Our trained professionals offer you high-quality, both aesthetically appealing and functional partitions. We will work with you to design and install unique partitions that satisfy your needs.

Rack Support Mezzanine

By utilizing your current rack system, our rack support mezzanine let every business expand its storage facility. Our assistance with rack support mezzanines makes manufacturers and warehouses enhance their storage capacity without extending their facilities.

We also provide a range of mezzanine and platform alternatives to satisfy unique business needs:

Heavy-Duty Mezzanine or Platform: Our heavy-duty mezzanine or platform is made to support large loads and give your company more floor space.

Medium-Duty Mezzanine/Platform: Our medium-duty mezzanine/platform is ideal for companies that need more storage space but do not require a heavy-duty solution.

Bolt-Free Mezzanine or Platform: Our bolt-free mezzanine or platform is made to be simple to install and modify. It is ideal for companies that require a versatile storage solution.

Storage Solution UAE

Selective Pallet Racks

Our selective pallet racks are suitable to elevate your storage space by offering a customized and accessible system for pallet storage. We bring the best pallet racks ideal for your business that needs to store a greater number of pallets, making it easy to load and unload goods.

Slotted Angle

Stofixts’ slotted angle shelving system is the right choice for businesses requiring versatile and customizable storage systems. We’re committed to delivering a reasonable cost for slotted angle shelving specifically designed with various dimensions to meet each individual storage need.

Bolt-Free Shelving

At Stofixts, we deliver bolt-free shelving systems that are made for businesses that demand flexibility in their storage facilities. With the open shelves, our bolt-free shelving products provide high visibility and can easily access stored contents. Also, these shelves are very easy to install and can be configured anytime according to your business operations.

Multi-Tier Racking

Even limited spaces need a precise storage facility, and our knowledgeable team is aware of the significance of storage facilities. At Stofixts, we provide multi-tier racking, an affordable method to expand existing structures and maximize your available space.Our multi-tier racking makes it simple to move to a new location or expand an existing business. Use it as open storage, a workspace for fabrication, a packaging area, or a storage area.

Mobile Shelving

At Stofixts, our movable shelving systems make sense for companies seeking a high-density storage solution. Moveable shelf systems known as “mobile shelving systems” enable the best possible use of the given space.


Drive-In Racking

In comparison to other storage systems, racking systems allow for the cost-effective storage of more pallets per cubic meter than any other method. Our skilled staff will help you comprehend why drive-in racking is necessary for your business. With our drive-in racking, businesses looking for high-density storage solutions for pallets can handle their large volumes of inventory conveniently.

Customized Storage Solutions Dubai

Gondola Shelving

With our experience in providing gondola shelving as a business storage solution, we understood that this shelving system is incredibly versatile and durable. This type of shelving system is perfectly crafted for retail stores to organize a suitable storage space for their products.

Storage Solution Services Dubai

Cantilever Racking

Our wide range of storage options builds solid ties with manufacturers and warehouses across several industries. Our professional storage service delivers cantilever racking solutions for storing long materials like beams, profiles, pipes, PVC, steel pipes, plywood, and more required by manufacturers and warehouses irrespective of industry.

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