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Multi-Tier Racking Systems

This type of storage solution allows operators to directly and immediately access upper levels of the racking and handle the load manually. Different levels of aisles are created at various heights that the workers access via stairs, or automated mechanisms such as forklifts for raising and lowering the goods. Moreover, it is engineered especially to improve the product picking operation, and this multi-level system supports hand-loaded shelved levels and promotes a dense storage capacity within a limited footprint. Additionally. The system is more beneficial for businesses in the UAE with SKUs such as small goods, e-commerce, and pick-and-pack operations that need to be stored and retrieved immediately.

In addition, multi-tier is one of the most advanced warehousing solutions. The multi-tier racking system does not need automation to reach heights, which allows you to stack inventories more efficiently without compromising productivity or safety. The racking system is designed independently and is not part of the integral structure of the building

Multiple Advantages

  • Direct, Safe Access: Multi-tier Racking builds upward levels that are accessed by a combination of stairs, aisles, and ramps. Between them, they provide safe and direct access to every section at every load level.
  • Space efficiency: By utilizing vertical space effectively, multi-tier racking maximizes storage capacity within a limited floor area. As a result, warehouse space optimization becomes hassle-free by allowing flexible vertical storage.
  • Accessibility: Multi-tier racking systems can be built to promote efficient order picking and stocking. Sometimes, when we include mezzanine levels or walkways along with multi-tiers, it provides easy access to the stored items, which thereby enhances the operational workflows.
  • Economical: When fund flow is tight, but storage expansion cannot be postponed any longer, multi-tier racking is the perfect fit! Its outlay is around one-fourth that of automated systems while enhancing storage space by about the same quantum. It not only reduces financial risk but also results in minimal spending on external or internal logistics.
  • Modular: Multi-tier racking facilitates a modular nature, which is good for easy expansion without requiring a complete overhaul of the system. As a result, businesses can add or remove levels, change the decking options, and sometimes adjust support configurations if required.
  • Adjustable Configurations: Multi-tier racking systems can be customized and reconfigured to accommodate different types of goods, varying sizes of inventory, and changing storage demands. Yes, multi-tier racking systems are indeed versatile and can be effectively utilized in both heavy-duty and medium-duty storage applications. Here’s how they are beneficial in each scenario.
  • Heavy-Duty Racking: This is a popular choice in multi-tier racking systems as they are commonly used in heavy-duty storage settings. This is due to its ability to store large, bulky, or heavy-duty pallet loads. Moreover, this system can accommodate massive weight capacity per level, which makes it ideal for different industries where so many heavy products are widely used.
  • Medium-Duty Racking: This system is commonly used to attain a comprehensive storage solution that can hold small to medium-sized products. Moreover, this system can be customized to store diverse loads in different product sizes, which makes it ideal for retail, logistics, or distribution centers. Hence, this system serves efficiently in facilities where inventory turnover is constant but is not similar to heavy-duty applications.

Multi-tier racking systems are the best warehouse storage solutions, especially for manufacturing facilities that are seeking to expand their business operations without occupying maximum storage space. Instead of being forced to extend your warehouse facility by adding new staff and costly structural modifications, you can easily enhance your existing pallet racking system within the warehouse. If you want to install a multi-tier racking system in your warehouse, contact us today at +971 4 558 2167 or +971 52 101 1336, as we offer complete services for multi-tier racking system installation in Dubai.

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