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When it comes to choosing the right racking solution, do not make any compromises. The safety of your products as well as the employees is more important than anything else. Stability and secure fastening possess major importance, especially when it comes to heavy-duty racking. However, a well-designed storage solution racking helps to keep goods securely in place and ensures efficient workflow. Here we present the main storage racking solutions you should consider when purchasing your storage equipment.

Stofix is a leading storage racking solution service provider in the UAE providing a variety of racking solutions including pallet racking, multi-tiers, mezzanines, and shelving that are suitable to a variety of warehouse storage requirements. At Stofix, we provide cost-effective and affordable racking solutions with a team of experienced designers who can offer practical warehouse storage solutions; from single pallet racks to the whole storage system for warehouses.

Different Types of Storage Racking


Selective Pallet Racking:

Stofix’s selective pallet racking is one of the most cost-effective pallets racking storage that is a material handling storage system that provides high-capacity storage and steady access to all pallets.

Push Back Rack

With the ideal storage solution racking, you can enhance the storage space while saving a lot of work time. Push-back racks facilitate the maximum storage space while reducing the aisle for forklifts and save operating time within the racking lane.

Drive-In Pallet Racking:

The drive-in racking system from Stofix is an effective storage system solution for high-volume storage needs with easy access to pallets and is the best choice for businesses that seek storage solutions for high-storage racking units. 

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever racks are very easy to install and possess flexibility to store bulky and over-sized loads such as pipes, plywood, timber, metal beams, furniture, and more. This particular rack storage consists of a column, base, arm, and bracing, these arms are very adjustable and best for storing odd-sized products.

Mezzanine Floor System

It is a hassle-free solution to establish additional warehouse storage space by grabbing the maximum benefits of the height of the warehouse facility. Mezzanine floor systems are quick-to-installing modular interlocking systems that can increase the surface area double or triple, allowing for versatile utilisation such as conversion into storage space, changing rooms, or offices.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Storage Solutions Racking


The following tips can be beneficial for choosing the best racking storage to stock your products.

Space Utilisation

Wide-span racking can be used in large spaces, and cantilever arms racks or pallet racking systems can also be used in large spaces to take the benefits of the full width. On the other hand, in small spaces, general-purpose racks or storage shelf racks are the best choice whereas shelving systems with drawers are applicable to perfectly store small products.

Attention to Stability

The key factor in assuring optimum stability is to prioritise the ratio of rack height to rack depth. The general guidelines illustrate a ratio of 5:1 for open-racking and 4:1 for cabinets or racks equipped with doors. Floor and wall fastenings, along with cross-bracing for the racks, should always be carefully considered during the planning process.

Looking for the Perfect Racking Solutions? Let Stofix Help You!

Our professional technical team along with the most innovative storage equipment can provide a full range of storage solutions inside out. So that you can have peace of mind by having the ideal storage solutions racking for your needs.

Reach out to us today, we are glad to assist you in your storage needs. 

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